Company Profile

Company Profile

August 2, 2016
Corporate Logo
Hirono IGCC Power GK
Hirono IGCC Power GK

・The F-shaped design is meant to capture the concepts of Fukushima, Fukkou (which is the Japanese word for Recovery) and Future.
・The Colors: Blue indicates ongoing technology development, Yellow represents focus on human resource development, while Green captures our focus on the environment and the tinge of orange, the same color as the Fukushima flag, captures the fact that IGCC technology is being nurtured in Fukushima.

Head Office
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Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd. (40 %), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (40 %), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (10 %), Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (10 %)
Equity Capital
100 million yen
Representative Partner
Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd.
Members of the Board
Yoshihiro Iwasaki (Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd.), Shinji Ueno (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.), Ayakazu Fukuda (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation), Toshihiro Mukaiyama (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.)
Chief Administrator
Takeshi Muto
Plant Chief
Kazumasa Watanabe

Greeting from CEO

Hirono IGCC Power GK, a special purpose company to construct and operate the world’s most advanced coal-fired thermal power plant for Fukushima revitalization, was established on August 2, 2016.

Our company will supply electricity for a long term stably using next generation clean coal technology called IGCC (Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle) which has been developed for a long time and achieved higher efficiency and environmental performance than the conventional coal-fired ultra-super critical thermal power plant.

We will proceed construction of the power plant with the aim to start operation from September 2021. Receiving supports from government, Fukushima prefecture, local community and residents, we will also aim to create an industrial base during construction and operation stage so that all the stakeholders will have a win-win relationship and realize Fukushima revitalization at earliest.

We sincerely express our gratefulness for the support and understanding from all the parties and the persons concerned.

Hirono IGCC Power GK
Chief Executive Officer
Yoshihiro Iwasaki