IGCC generates power at higher efficiencies than regular coal-fired power generation by gasifying coal and integrating it into combined cycle power generation equipment consisting of gas turbine and steam turbine.
IGCC’s increased thermal efficiency achieves reductions in fuel consumption and therefore reductions in CO2 emissions.


Hirono IGCC Power GK was established to support the stable supply of power in Japan as well as to lend support to economic recovery and job creation in Fukushima, where the power plant is located. The company aims to achieve these goals via construction and operation of a large-scale coal-fired power plant that uses
Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technology to generate power with superior efficiency while simultaneously achieving greenhouse gas reductions.
Starting in 2021, the company has been operating the world’s most advanced highly efficient IGCC power plant safely on a daily basis, as we aim to provide stable power supply and at the same time contribute to stop global warming.